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Local Litter Picking

After spending many hours litter picking locally with #gostockfamily and while walking our dog we decided to help out with a local group recently and have inadvertently landed myself as organiser for the next litter picking get together!

Go Clean Go Green Cosham braved the awful weather over the weekend and set about trying to clean up two areas in the town in Hampshire.

The small group of volunteers took1 hour to collect 5 full refuse sacks of litter including a large number of microplastics off of a slipway on the outskirts of Foxes Forest.

I have been asked to arrange any future cleans and have posted on local social media pages and set up an Instagram page for people to follow our progress. So far the response has been very positive and I hope that the next pick will be in much better conditions and have a much larger turn out.

I've always wanted to help my local community and I really hope we can help the area be more aware of the litter problem especially being so close to the coast.

If you want to help please follow the Instagram page for updates.



Owner Operator

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