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Preparation for the Summer

Now is the time to get outside and make sure that areas you will be using throughout the warmer weather will be ready.

We've all had the moment of dread when we check out our patio, decking, slipway, or pontoon and they are covered in slime, dirt, and algae. We then remember how much work it took to clean and keep them clean.

This year try our eco-friendly Marine Algae Cleaner. It's very easy to use, and will help slow regrowth meaning not only will you be helping to protect the environment by not using toxic chemicals, you'll be protecting yourself from extra work.

The natural inhibitors slow regrowth of any Algae and therefore less cleaning is required. When you need to you'll notice a much quicker reclean as growths will not be as ingrained.

If you don't believe us we are offering a free 100ml sample to anyone in the UK. To get your freebie please email

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