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Hard Plastic Recycling

Over the weekend we took our hard plastics to the specialised local recycling bin.

In Portsmouth where lots of hard plastics can't be put in the curbside recycling bins.

Items such as margarine tubs, some drinks bottle lids and sweet tubs will be rejected when they reach the recycling plants, so need to be deposited at specialised bins, such as the one at Sainsburys in Farlington.

We also take any foil or metal bottle tops to the bin next to it, as again these can't be deposited in our curbside bins.

All our soft plastics and wrappers go to the Co-Op specialist recycling bins in selected stores.

It's become part of our regular routine at home and even our 5 year old knows which items can go where.

The information regarding what can and can't be recycled needs to be much clearer for the public and in turn this will save councils money and benefit the environment.

I hope this information has helped anyone reading this.


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