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The new Polyflex gloves move a step closer to a more sustainable way of manufacturing gloves

Polyflex Eco are the 1st reusable gloves in the market made from recycled plastic bottles.


Over 1 Million plastic bottles are sold every minute of those only 9% are currently recycled.


It can take up to 1000 years for those bottles to decompose.


Polyco take the recycled plastic bottles, which are processd in to tiny chips,

the chips are then spun into yarn,  and the yarn is used to make the gloves.


This benefits us all:

10g Recycled PET plastic used in each pair

8ml of oil conserved

50% CO2 produced 14g reduction

3 X less water usage

Plastic free packaging

25% of the glove is made from recycled PET

Plastic bottles start their second life cycle as a glove liner material. 

And the result is: 1x500ml plastic bottle = 1 x PolyFlex® Eco pair

The gloves are certified by the Global Recycled Standard, which validates recycled fibre content claims and composition.


Seamless knitted liner made in part from recycled plastics,

with a sandy latex coating.

Each pair of gloves contains 10 grams of recycled plastic bottles (PET), 

cutting down our reliance on virgin materials like oil based polyester


Comfort: Polyflex® Eco L sets a new standard for comfort and dexterity in the industry

Grip: The sandy latex coating has been specifically developed to resist abrasion, whilst maintaining superior grip and dexterity

Packaged plastic free: Polyflex® Eco L is packed without the use of plastic, reducing

the overall weight of packaging

Knit Wrist: Elasticated knit wrist ensures a secure fit

and keeps hands free from dust and debris

Polyflex ECO L the Environmentally Conscious Work Gloves

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