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Discount when you return your empties


Please return your empty containers, and we will refill or recycle them.


If you return an empty to us, your next order will be carriage free, or if over £100 a discount will be applied to cover your postage.


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Marine Algae Cleaner™ 100ml

Excluding VAT |
    • With a dilution ratio of 1:10 this 100ml bottle will give you 1.1 litres of usable product to trial on a small area.
    • NON-BIOCIDAL, so adheres to HSE guidelines.
    • This product is classified as non-hazardous to humans or the marine environment.
    • When used as directed does not need an Environment Agency environmental permit for a Water Discharge Activity issued under the Environmental Permitting Regulations. 
    • So safe that it has been given 'Food Safe' status.
    • Marine Algae Cleaner™ is extremely effective in breaking down the bonds of seaweeds, algae and marine growth on surfaces throughout harbour, marina and foreshore areas.
    • Particularly effective on concrete and stone substrates the Marine Algae Cleaner™ is a powerful eco-friendly solution to algae growth problem areas.
    • The combination of powerful non-biocide cleaners inhibits the regrowth of algae.
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