• Delphis Eco Rinse Aid is an EU Ecolabel accredited rinse aid, which can be used in automatic dishwashers, cabinet glass washers and both atmospheric and non-atmospheric (pressurised) combi ovens.
  • This ecological rinseaid is a general purpose, mildly acidic rinse additive which contains a special blend of ingredients to give low surface tension to the rinse solution.
  • Safe on all glassware, dishes, cutlery, china, aluminium, metal surfaces and rubber.
  • Providing rapid, spot-free and streak-free drying, this ecological rinse aid prevents haze and water residue and is low foaming.
  • Directions: 
  1. Pour undiluted directly into machines automatic dosage system and use in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  2. Dose according to the degree of soil, and the water hardness.  
  3. Follow the dosing instructions and adjust to maximise performance.  
  4. More effective cleaning will be achieved at higher temperatures.

Soft water: 0.1%
Medium water: 0.2%
Hard water: 0.4%

Combi ovens: Pour undiluted directly into the integral dosage system and use in accordance with the machine manufacturer’s recommendations. 

  • Proper dosage saves cost and minimises environmental impact
  • Using this EU Ecolabelled product according to the dosage instructions will contribute to the reduction of water pollution and waste production.

Delphis Eco Rinse Aid 5 Ltr

SKU: GS078
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