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  • The Caddie Biobags are compostable for the safe and hygienic collection of food waste or green garden waste.
  • Made from compostable film extruded from compositions of modified starch and modified polyesters for a wide range of different applications, these bags make the daily tasks of waste reduction easier, safer and better for the environment.
  • For home composting or kerbside collection systems of compostable materials, these bags keep bins clean whilst reducing odour and interference from flies.
  • Breathable qualities of the liner allow up to 30% weight reduction using a ventilated caddy.
  • Certified compostable to standard EN 13432 for home composting and industrial composting.
  • Breaks down naturally into carbon dioxide and water without harming the environment.


7 litre capacity 




52 sold in a roll.

Compostable Kitchen Caddy Bin Liners - 7Ltr Capacity

SKU: GS070
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