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Wet Work Grip Gloves

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Wet Work Grip Gloves
  • Abrasion Resistance - 3
  • Cut Resistance - 1
  • Tear Resistance - 3
  • Puncture Resistance - 1

  • Click 2000 Fully Coated Grippy Latex Rubber Coated Wet Work Gloves

  • Great value for a fully coated rubber/latex glove which is still lightweight and enables great dexterity

  • Grippy full coating of rubber latex on a stretchy thin nylon liner

  • Comfortable and snug fitting giving good dexterity

  • Ideal for waste handling and sorting where palm coated won't do but you don't want to pay the normal high price of fully coated gloves

  • Scoring a full 4 out of 4 for the abrasion test these will prove to be tough and long lasting in use and represent real value for money

  • Available in sizes Small to XLarge