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PRO Ultratouch Purple Nitrile Gloves 3 mil thick Box of 200

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PRO Ultratouch Purple Nitrile Gloves 3 mil thick Box of 200
  • Thin, stretchy and very comfortable yet tear resistant with good grip

  • Ideal latex replacement

  • Boxed in 200's for even better value for money

  • Our powder free PRO Ultrathin nitrile gloves offer a completely new level of comfort to the nitrile glove user

  • Most gloves of this type are tight fitting, and often require the wearer to move up a size, but Ultrathin are thermo-responsive, stretching to the shape of your hand as they are warmed by the skin

  • If you try one on one hand, and a latex glove on the other, the relaxed fit of the Ultrathin becomes immediately apparent

  • Of the different thicknesses of Nitrile we offer, the Ultrathin is the closest to a "second skin" that you will find, and dexterity is on a par with latex

  • The fingers are micro-textured to give good grip in wet conditions

  • Users in a variety of industries are finding that Ultrathin gloves offer greater comfort, protection and dexterity than latex, with the added bonus of freedom from any latex proteins.