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New Revolutionary Gel Cleaner - Totally Eco-Friendly

New Revolutionary Gel Cleaner - Totally Eco-Friendly Go-Stock has launched a brand new GEL version of our very successful Marine Algae Cleaner maritime cleaning liquid.

This innovative design will solve any problems any customer may have with algae, marine growths, or even mould and mildew on vertical surfaces. Such as Tide Boards, Sea Walls, Pontoon Legs, Walls, Fences, Barns, Stairways, etc.

It meets all the requirements to be classified as a non-biocide, so it is completely environmentally friendly. As the liquid, the gel is non-toxic, and totally non-hazardous to humans or the aquatic environment.

Being a gel, the cleaner sticks to any hard to clean vertical surface once applied, with out any run off wastage, as with a fluid. This provides better coverage of the area.

For best practice please follow the steps below:

  1. Remove any loose or excess dirt from surface.
  2. Spray directly onto are you wish to clean, then leave for 5 – 15 minutes.
  3. Agitate with brush, broom, cloth or scouring pad.
  4. Rinse away if necessary.
As with the regular Marine Algae Cleaner the natural inhibitors within the product will help to slow regrowth dramatically, so less cleaning cycles will have to be carried out than with the more harmful cleaners in the market.

If you would like a sample, or need any more information, please e-mail sales@go-stock.co.uk

To see more about the product click here: www.go-stock.co.uk/gel-marine-algae-cleaner-1-litre-c2x24271979
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