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Marine Algae Cleaner™ 20 Litres

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Marine Algae Cleaner™ 20 Litres
  • With a dilution ratio of 1:10 this 20 litre container will give you 220 litres of usable product with a price of £0.44 per litre.
  • NON-BIOCIDAL, so adheres to HSE guidelines.

  • This product is classified as non-hazardous to humans or the marine environment.

  • When used as directed does not need an Environment Agency environmental permit for a Water Discharge Activity issued under the Environmental Permitting Regulations. 

  • So safe that it has been given 'Food Safe' status.

  • Marine Algae Cleaner is extremely effective in breaking down the bonds of seaweeds, algae and marine growth on surfaces throughout harbour, marina and foreshore areas.

  • Particularly effective on concrete and stone substrates the Marine Algae Cleaner is a powerful eco-friendly solution to algae growth problem areas.

  • The combination of powerful non-biocide cleaners inhibits the regrowth of algae.