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British Marine Trades Association’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2015

British Marine Trades Association’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2015 Gavin Moth the owner of Go-Stock has won this award, due to the innovation shown in bringing the non-biocidal Marine Algae Cleaner to the marine industry.

Peter Nash of Boating Business magazine presented Gavin with the award at Trinity House in London.

"Boating Business choose to recognise entrepreneurship with the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award, this year's winner was Gavin Moth. Gavin is the owner of Go-Stock, which provides environmentally friendly products to the marine industry. Go-Stock's stand-out product is a non-biocide, non-hazardous cleaning solution, the Marine Algae Cleaner™, which is extremely effective in removing algae from all marine areas and is unique to Go-Stock"

Gavin said: "
Thank you to the judges for selecting me for this award. It means a great deal to be recognised.

Following a surprise and quite severe Multiple Sclerosis relapse I took the decision to form Go-Stock during my recovery to keep my mind active. At the same time I spotted a gap in the market for a totally environmentally friendly non-biocidal algae cleaner.

After 18 months of hard work with manufacturers, the environment agency, the HSE and trying to cope with the debilitating effects of MS I launched Marine Algae Cleaner. Which is non-hazardous and meets all guidelines set by the aforementioned authorities.

This unique product will help protect aquatic life from the widely used sodium hypochlorite and bleaches, and help users with it's efficiency and effectiveness.

I'm very proud to win young entrepreneur of the year, and would like to thank my wife, family, friends and colleagues for all their support in getting to this stage."

In 2016 Go-Stock will aim to get as many people using Marine Algae Cleaner as possible, and to increase knowledge that sodium hypochlorite, which is the most popular product for use on algae is toxic to sea life and the environment as a whole.

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